It’s Always Been About the People – Since 1962

Woodward Inc. is a second-generation family-owned custom metal fabrication company headquartered in Mars, PA, just 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. We were founded in 1962 by Earl R. Woodward Jr., who like many entrepreneurs, saw opportunity to meet the growing demands for fabricated equipment in Western Pennsylvania. From modest beginnings, Woodward has grown to be the trusted regional source for everything metal fabrication. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent results and an exceptional customer experience for power generation, potable water production, steelmaking, construction and a variety of other markets. WOODWARD DOES IT ALL.  

Management Team

Clayton Woodward Kevin Leczkowski Bink Woodward Mike Huttinger John Miskevich

As custom metal fabrication involves multiple steps and processes, Woodward incorporates a quality control atmosphere during every phase of production to ensure they are meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

As we celebrate our 60 years in custom metal fabrication, we reflect on how our customers have helped us get here. That gratitude is reflected in the quality work we do for a wide range of industries. Here’s to a very bright future advancing your business and mission.