Metal Fabrication Services in Pittsburgh and Western PA

Project Management

Woodward manages multiple subcontracted services to complete projects. This includes machining, coating, stress relieving and a myriad of other services. With many years of experience & knowledge we ensure all processes are completed in a timely fashion. We listen to what customer needs to succeed. We are more than a fabricator.

Manufacturing Engineer

Whether we’re providing 100% of the fabrication in-house or managing the complete manufacturing process coordinating various sub-contracted services (i.e., machining, finishing, NDE, etc.), WE DO IT ALL. Woodward has the ability to provide a completed product that meets the customer’s requirements.


Woodward offers oxy-fuel and plasma cutting equipment, featuring our Messer CNC cutting machine.


Woodward shapes and forms materials into the desired parts, products or configurations meeting customers’ specifications. Our press brakes, advanced precision forming equipment and experienced workforce create quality products with the accuracy and precision you need.


Woodward has the best lineup of rolling equipment for forming cylinders of different thickness, diameter and length. We deliver the reliable pull-through performance for all forms such as engine housings, tanks and curved metal structures.


Woodward employs many welding and metal-forming processes. These include Oxy Acetylene, Resistance, TIG, MIG, SMAW and FCAW to make quality aluminum, stainless, cast iron and carbon steel weldments. We ensure that your components have the weld integrity and appearance you expect.


Our dedicated team has over 60 years’ experience fabricating structures, equipment and assemblies that exceed our customers’ expectations. We have the capabilities to manufacture to detailed specifications — from large and small diameter ductwork, duct transitions and structural components to equipment assembling and testing.